The Solar River Project Stage 1 is a Crown Development Approved Project. The project includes a broad-acre solar photo-voltaic PV array with single axis tracking and Large Battery.  The development includes a 200 megawatt MW PV array and 100 MW Mega Watt Battery generating enough power for 96,000 homes. The array is 3200 x 1800 metres with a transmission line connection to the national grid near Robertstown South Australia. Construction is on schedule to commence in 2019.

Solar River Project Stage 2 an additional 200MW with large Battery will commence construction in Q4 2020.

Our goal to construct a world class solar facility producing affordable electricity for South Australian’s. The project will integrate broad-acre PV, heritage, environment, native flora, fauna and pastoral farming practices.

         Cheap Electricity                                             Jobs                                                          Clean Air


  • Crown Sponsorship                                                                                                      December  2017
  • The Heritage Agreement Signed                                                                                 January     2018
  • Ngadjuri Aboriginal Nation Smoking Ceremony                                                          February    2018
  • The Principle Contractor Appointed                                                                            May            2018
  • Crown Development Approved                                                                                     June           2018
  • The Land                                                                                                                       June           2018
  • ElectraNet Transmission Connection Agreement, Agreed                                         Q4              2018
  • The Community Fund Agreed                                                                                      July            2018
  • Power Purchase Agreement                                                                                        July            2019
  • Project Construction Start Date                                                                                  Q4              2019
  • First Generation                                                                                                           Q1              2021

  • Cheap Electricity - This facility will produce cheap electricity for South Australians.

  • Jobs - 350 regional jobs during the 2-year construction period and 45 full time permanent jobs for the 25-year life of the facility. This includes apprenticeships, trainee-ships, Engineering and Management roles .

  • Economy - A boost to the local economy, engineering, materials, parts manufacturing, freight and logistics, equipment hire, food retailers and local accommodation. All winners.

  • Roads - Upgrades to local roads to improve road safety during and post construction.

  • Sports – Solar River will support local sporting teams with sponsorship and facilities upgrades.

  • Environment – The environmental programs including the purchase of land for on ground off sets, land management and renewable energy infrastructure working together studies and practical implementation of management practices for the protection of flora and fauna whilst maximising farm production.

  • Growth - Local and International investment delivering a world class facility with affordable cutting-edge technology.

  • Clean Air - fossil fuel burnt for electricity production is very old polluting technology contributing 29% of all air pollution globally. No one likes breathing polluted air. 

                         Stage 1 will eliminate 8,750,000 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide CO2 air pollution.

  • Technology - Cutting edge technology and construction methods elevating South Australia as a national and global leader in large scale base load solar electricity production.

  • Community Impact - The array is remotely located to minimise visual impact to the community. The array makes no noise and produces no air pollution.

  • Base-load Power - The project has a large battery which produces economical base-load power. This means you can use the suns energy even at night.

  • Construction Vehicle Traffic – Construction traffic will avoid residential locations. Local roads utilised during construction will be upgraded and maintained.

  • The project is located 30 km from Robertstown, north of the Goyder Highway in Outback South Australia.

  • To deliver cheap energy to South Australians a Transmission Line connecting the array to the national grid has been designed minimising visual impact with low profile structures. The line is a low profile 275,000-volt line with pole construction designed similar to other lines in the area. The low-profile design minimises visual impact whilst avoiding vegetation.


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